KRAFTPRO Carbon Anti Static Classic Cutting Comb


KRAFTPRO Carbon Anti Static Classic Cutting Comb


A cutting comb can refer to either a type of hair comb used by salon professionals when cutting a client’s hair or a comb that has built-in razors for self-cutting. Professional cutting combs are characterized by thin, small-spaced teeth that allow for reduced tangling and straight combing.

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The anti static combs is a complete set of combs which could cater to all the needs of any hairdresser. In one pack. These products cover the entire gamut of hairdressing requirements in the economy section. From a dressing comb to a pin tail comb, from a sectioning one to a styling comb, our set of combs cover almost the whole panorama of hair dressing & styling needs. A very unique set that any stylist would be envious to possess. 

Flexible and ultra smooth for easy combing and styling.


Heat Resistant      Chemical Resistant            Ceramic Coated          Ergonomics Grips

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm



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