Acee Professionals Pro Crimper | Color Black | HC 6001


Acee Professionals Pro Crimper | Color Black | HC 6001


Acee Professional Titanium Pro Crimper is an ergonomic styling tool that features deep wave ceramic plates for all hair types. Its PTC heater ensures uniform heating, while the slip-free handle and lightweight design provide comfort and safety. With an LCD temperature display and dual-voltage capability, it’s perfect for achieving your desired hairstyle with ease.


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The Acee Professionals Pro Crimper HC 6001 is a high-quality hair styling tool that is designed to create beautiful, deep waves in your hair. It features a sleek black color and is equipped with deep wave plates that provide exceptional durability and heat conductivity.

One of the standout features of Acee pro crimper is its PTC heater, which heats up quickly and ensures that the plates are heated evenly. This is important to create consistent, long-lasting waves that will hold their shape throughout the day.

The LCD temperature display is another useful feature of Acee pro crimper, which allows you to easily monitor the temperature and adjust it to your desired level.

Acee pro Crimper has a one-inch titanium crimp with 5 ridges. It is an excellent choice for voluminous hair with thinning ends and for people who want to style their curls.

Overall, the Acee crimper HC 6001 is a versatile and durable styling tool that is perfect for creating beautiful deep waves in your hair. Whether you’re looking to create a glamorous look for a special occasion or simply want to add some texture to your hair, this crimper is sure to deliver outstanding results.

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Dimensions 34 × 8 × 8 cm

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