Nandini Herbal Gold Shiner Bleach – 400gm


Nandini Herbal Gold Shiner Bleach – 400gm


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This unique bleach helps skin look fairer and youthful with radiant glow by natural formulation which gives nice texture without skin irritation. It is lightens facial hair to balance the skin color.

How to use?

Properly clean with cleansing milk or water

For Sensitive & Dry skin: – Apply Thick Layer of Moisturize lotion on the face.

Take exact measurements of lotion & white Activator Powder with enclosed measuring spoon in a glass or plastic bowl. Mix thoroughly for  2-3 minutes at least with an application brush until all the powder gets completely dissolved in to the lotion forming a white cream. Now apply  the cream uniformly on the face.

Remove or wash after 10-15 minutes.

Apply Sun Block Lotion Cream after cleaning the face.



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